Why I Rebranded my Business

Why I rebranded my business and how to know if it’s time for one in yours.

Hello, and welcome to moc design co. 2.0! Just in time for the spring equinox, I’ve given my company a well deserved and well needed rebrand. But first things first, what is a rebrand exactly and what’s the point of one?

Not to be confused with a brand refresh, a rebrand is not just changing up the visual appearance of your business. While a visual makeover is one component, a rebrand also means changing a bigger component of your business, whether you’re offering a different service now, communicating a different brand message than before, or targeting a new audience. So what’s changed in my company and why have I rebranded?

1. Target Audience

When I started my business last year, I didn’t have a very defined target audience. As I was starting out, I was afraid to niche down for fear of limiting my opportunities, and on top of that, I wasn’t sure who exactly I wanted to work with. After developing some experience across several different industries, I’ve found my new target client (more on this tomorrow)! And with that new target client, I didn’t feel like my previous brand image or messaging was aligned with this customer or the brand personality I wanted to convey.

2. Brand Refresh

With this rebrand, I had the perfect opportunity for a brand refresh - when I started my business, ironically I didn’t dedicate half as much time to my own brand identity as I would to my clients. This was for a number of reasons - an opportunity came up for me to start my company, and rather than my branding being perfect, at the time, I just needed it to be done (like a LOT of new companies starting out - no shame in this). Finally I have a visual identity that I can connect with and I feel it expresses my brand personality a whole lot better than before. I’ll be doing a whole breakdown on my new branding suite later this week so stay tuned.

3. New Offerings

As well as a new look, I’ve also got some other exciting updates: there’s 3 new brand packages on offer, a monthly newsletter and many more blogs coming your way. Scroll down to sign up to the newsletter and be the first to hear of when my next booking period opens!

So have you been curious if your business is in need of a rebrand or even just a visual identity refresh? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is your current brand aligned with your target audience?
  • Does your current brand represent your business purpose?
  • Does your brand’s visual identity convey your brand personality?

If you answered no to any of the above questions it may be time to think about a rebrand or even just a brand identity refresh. This can of course be an overwhelming challenge to tackle alone, but that’s why professional designers like me are out there to help! If you want a free complementary consultation to chat about your brand, book a slot in my calendar and I’ll be happy to help - no strings attached!

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