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Beyond the Boutique: Luxury Redefined in 2024

Luxury is evolving with immersive 3D showrooms and a blend of timeless heritage and modern innovation. Consumers crave authentic storytelling and meticulous craftsmanship. Understand how brands that master the art of captivating design and exceeding expectations will lead the way in 2024.

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3 Steps to Create a Successful Brand

By focusing on these three points, you can create a brand that not only differentiates you from your competition but also forms a deep connection with your customers.

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My Top Tools for Solopreneurs

Some of my favourite tools as a solopreneur and brand designer.

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Your Brand is the Soul of your Business

Why your brand is more than just a logo.

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Why I Rebranded my Business

Why I rebranded my business and how to know if it’s time for one in yours.

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Why Your Business Needs These 3 Types of Logos

All I want is a single logo but my brand designer says I need more than this - WHY? Here’s a look at the different logo types that are out there, and a breakdown on which you need and which you can leave.

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