Do I have to be local to work with you?

Not at all, Moc Design Co. is an online design studio, so my clients are based all over the world.

When Do I pay?

For most projects, 50% of the project is made upfront and acts as a deposit. The remaining 50% is made on completion of the project, before handover.

How much input will I have in the process?

You can be as involved as you want, some clients prefer to take a step back, while others prefer to feel part of the team. Either way, I will need to collect a certain amount of information and feedback from you at different points in the project in order to create a design that is not only visually appealing, but strategic to meet your goals. You will have plenty of opportunities for feedback as the project progresses and you will have 24/7 access to status updates through my project management system.

Who writes the content for my site?

Usually that is you. You are the expert on your business, so it’s usually best if it comes from you. If you need help, we can recommend copywriters who can help clean up or write original content for you at an additional cost.

Will my website be mobile-friendly?

Of course, your website will be responsive on mobile and desktop. For many clients, your website will be visited more on mobile than desktop so this is always kept in mind when designing.

How much do your services cost?

Every project is different. Once we have had an initial discussion to find out more about your unique business needs, I will send you over a proposal with different price options. That said, web design investments start at €7,000 while brand design starts at €2,500.

How long will my website take?

Again, every project is different. On average, web design projects vary from 4-8 weeks, but the pace of any project is set by each client. How much input you can provide during the initial stages, your availability with feedback, how soon the content is ready – all this affects the speed of completion. The functionality and design needs may also play a role – more complex sites and those with more interactive elements will take more time to develop. The best results are worth the wait, so make sure to book in advance, as availability may vary.

What Website platform do you use?

This depends on the size of your project, your goals and needs.

For more complex projects, I design primarily on Webflow so that I have unlimited design capabilities - unlike DIY website builders like Squarespace and Wix, it has endless customisation capabilities for truly unique websites.

Webflow also has a great client editor functionality - so you won't need to hire me or other web developers in the future if you want to make simple content updates, which is generally the case if you opt for Wordpress. This saves you a whole lot of stress and money in the long run.

If the primary purpose of your website, however, is to open an online store, then I recommend Shopify. In this case I will design your website and work with a developer so we can give it a unique finish.

what about website hosting?

This is up to you - I can recommend web hosting providers based on your needs. If you have one already, you can continue using that hosting service.

What about the legal stuff - Privacy policies, gdpr etc.?

There are free and paid options out there for privacy policies. I can give you recommendations but this is entirely your responsibility. If you plan to track cookies on your website, I can include an opt-in/opt-out bar to ensure your website is GDPR compliant.

Still unsure?

Get in touch

If you still have questions or are unsure about working with me, I offer complimentary discovery calls. This is 100% commitment-free. It gives you a chance to ask all your questions, and also to feel if we'll be a good match to work with each other. Feel free to book a slot in my calendar here, or send me an email with any questions you have.

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