Rosie Baylis Hair

I collaborated with Rosie Baylis Hair, a rapidly growing luxury salon specialising in high-end grey hair blending solutions. To cater to a more niche, and affluent clientele, I developed a sophisticated brand identity that reflects their premium service offerings. This project encompassed a bespoke logo design, brand emblems, and a captivating colour palette featuring unique, demure pink tones – Rosie's favourite colour, reimagined with elegance to resonate with her discerning audience. To further enhance the client experience, I redesigned Rosie's downloadable guidebook for clients, ensuring it complements the brand identity and provides valuable information in a polished format.

project deliverables
Full Logo Suite - Primary, Alternative, Monograms, Emblems
Brand Patterns, Brand Textures, Typography, Colour Palette
Comprehensive Style Guidelines
Branded Collateral - Ebook Design

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